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Hemoglobin from Bovine (Powder)



CAS NUMBER : 9008-02-0
Appearance : Red-brown powder
Description :  
Hemoglobin is the major component of red blood cells, and is responsible for their red color. Its normal concentration in erythrocytes is 34%. Hemoglobin is the most important respiratory protein of vertebrates by virtue of its ability to transport oxygen from the lungs to body tissues, and to facilitate the return transport of carbon dioxide. The hemoglobin of all human races and chimpanzees are identical. Anomalous globins in which various amino acids have been substituted with others, or in which certain amino acids are missing entirely from the normal sequence, comprise 153 abnormal hemoglobin species. Some of these are responsible for diseases, the most common of which is sickle cell anemia - a condition which affects about 10% of Americans of African ancestry. In sickle cell hemoglobin (HbS), a valine residue has replaced the glutamic acid residue at position 6 in the ß-chain of normal Hb; the a-chain is normal. About 0.5% of all humans carry a mutant hemoglobin.

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