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Chlorophyll (Total Chlorophyll ca. 0.5)Get Latest Price

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Chlorophyll (Total Chlorophyll ca. 0.5)


CAS : 1406-65-1

Description :
Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in all plants, algae, and cyanobacteria. Its name is derived from the Greek χλωρός (chloros "green") and φύλλον (phyllon "leaf"). Chlorophyll absorbs light most strongly in the blue portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, followed by the red portion. However, it is a poor absorber of green and near-green portions of the spectrum, hence the green color of chlorophyll-containing tissues.
Used for :
1. As a food pigment, it is widely used in cakes, beverages, sweets, ice-cream etc.
2. As a type of medical material, it can treat chronic and acute hepatitis, migratory hepatitis and hepatomegaly. It also promotes recovery of the liver's function, fastening healing of stomach ulcers and intestine ulcers.
3. As a daily-use chemical raw material, it is used in green toothpaste and cosmetics; having obvious functions on the pericementum, oral cavity ulcers, and halitosis.
Storage :
1 .Stored in cool & dry place
2 .Kept away from strong light and heat
Shelf Life : 2 years when properly stored

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