N-Butylbenzenesulfonamide appliacation

 N-Butylbenzenesulfonamide is a admixture with accepted blueprint RSO2OH, area R is an aliphatic or ambrosial hydrocarbon. It is a acquired of sulfuric acerbic (HOSO2OH) area an OH has been replaced by a carbon accumulation or a admixture area a hydrogen atom has been replaced by analysis with sulfuric acid; for example, benzene is adapted to benzenesulfonic acerbic (water-soluble). N-Butylbenzenesulfonamide has a sulfur atom affirmed to a carbon atom of a hydrocarbon and affirmed aswell to three oxygen atoms, one of which has been absorbed to a hydrogen atom. N-Butylbenzenesulfonamide is acerb due to the hydrogen atom, stronger than a carboxylic acid. N-Butylbenzenesulfonamide is one of the a lot of important organo sulfur compounds in amoebic synthesis. Sulfonic acids are acclimated as catalysts in esterification, alkylation and abstract reactions. Sulfonates are salts or esters of sulfonic acid. Sulfonic salts are acrid in water.