What is Perillyl Alchohol?

  Perillyl Alchohol and its precursor limonene are naturally occurring monocyclic terpenes derived from the mevalonate pathway in plants. Perillyl Alchohol can be found in the essential oilsof various botanicals, such as lavender, lemongrass, sage, and peppermint.It has a number of manufacturing, household, and medical applications. For example, Perillyl Alchohol may be used as an ingredient in cleaning products and cosmetics,and as of 2015 it was in development as a potential treatment for people with brain cancer.  Perillyl Alchohol is only produced by certain botanicals, not by animals or humans. It is a metabolite of limonene, which itself is formed from geranyl pyrophosphate in the mevalonate pathway.  Conversion of limonene to Perillyl Alchohol is accomplished viahydroxylation by enzymes that belong to the superfamily of cytochrome P450 proteins. Perillyl Alchohol can be metabolized further to perillaldehyde (perillyl aldehyde) and perillic acid.