The safety assessment of Stearamide

  A conception absolute 5.27% Stearamide MEA was not baneful to rats if activated topically circadian for 13 weeks. In studies application rabbits, Stearamide DEA (35% to 40%) was not a derma or ocular irritant, and Stearamide MEA (5.27%) was not an ocular irritant. At 17%, Stearamide MEA was not acid to the skin, but acquired basal to abstinent affliction to the eyes of rabbits.  Stearamide MEA (5.27%) did not could cause sensitization during a analytic study. It was not possible, however, to actuate the appliance of these abstracts on accompanying ingredients. Therefore, it was assured that the accessible abstracts are insufficient. Additional abstracts needs are adjustment of manufacture; actinic characterization, including impurities; dermal absorption; if decidedly absorbed, again a 28-day dermal toxicity abstraction and a changeable and adorning toxicity abstraction may be needed; two genotoxicity assays, at atomic one in a beastly system; if positive, again a 2-year dermal carcinogenesis abstraction application National Toxicology Program (NTP) methods may be needed; ultraviolet (UV) assimilation data; if cogent assimilation occurs in the UVA or UVB range, photosensitization abstracts are needed.  Absent these data, it was assured that the accessible abstracts are bereft to abutment the assurance of Stearamide as acclimated in corrective products.