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What is Fluoranthene?

  Fluoranthene is a polycyclic ambrosial hydrocarbon (PAH). The atom can be beheld as the admixture of naphthalene and benzene assemblage affiliated by a five-membered ring. Although samples are generally anemic yellow, the admixture is colorless. It is acrid in nonpolar amoebic solvents.


Effects of Fluoranthene, a Polycyclic Ambrosial Hydrocarbon, on cAMP-Dependent Anion Secretion in Animal Airway Epithelia

  The animal respiratory amplitude is consistently apparent to polycyclic ambrosial hydrocarbons (PAHs) through assimilation of atmospheric pollutants. We advised the furnishings of three PAHs (benzo[a]pyrene, anthracene, and fluoranthene) on the airway ion transport, which is capital for lung aegis and accustomed airway function, appliance animal airway epithelia (Calu-3). These three PAHs had no cogent aftereffect on the basal circumlocute accepted (Isc).