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What is Sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), aswell accepted as lye and abrasive soda,is an asleep compound. It is a white solid and awful abrasive brownish abject and acrid acrid which is accessible in pellets, flakes, granules, and as able solutions at a amount of altered concentrations.Sodium hydroxide forms an about 50% (by weight) saturated band-aid with water.

The description of Calcium lignosulfonate

The calcium lignosulphonate articles can be adopted as the water-coal adhesive additives, augment additives.In the oil conduct fields, Calcium lignosulphonate can be acclimated as blocking agent, and advance the mud fluidity.Calcium lignosulphonate can aswell be acclimated as antecedent reinforcing agents in the fields of ceramics and ceramics and adverse materials.

What is Sodium dodecyl sulfate

Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS or NaDS) (C12H25SO4Na), sodium laurilsulfate or Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), is an anionic surfactant acclimated in abounding charwoman and hygiene products. Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) is an anionic bactericide acclimated to solubilize and alloy proteins in protein abstraction and SDS-PAGE; aswell acclimated in a array of admixture and atomic analysis techniques.


What is Sodium laureth sulfate?

Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is a bactericide and surfactant begin in abounding claimed affliction articles (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). It is an bargain and actual able bubbles agent.