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Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of chemical products. We can customize products according to customers’ special requirements...>>Read More

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What is Terephthaloyl Chloride?

Terephthaloyl Chloride (TCL, 1,4-benzenedicarbonyl chloride) is the acid chloride of terephthalic acid and is one of two monomers used to make Kevlar, the other being p...

Posted at: 2012-03-25

Applications of Resorcinol

Resorcinol (or resorcin) is a dihydroxy benzene. It is the 1,3-isomer of benzenediol with the formula C6H4(OH)2. Properties Resorcinol crystallizes from benzene as colo...

Posted at: 2012-03-15

What is Epsilon Caprolactone used for?

Epsilon Caprolactone or artlessly caprolactone is a circadian ester, a affiliate of the lactone family, with a seven-membered ring with the blueprint (CH2)5CO2. This ac...

Posted at: 2012-03-11

Applications of Palmitic Acid

Palmitic Acid , or hexadecanoic acid in IUPAC nomenclature, is one of the most common saturated fatty acids found in animals and plants. Its molecular formula is CH3(CH...

Posted at: 2012-03-02

What is Glassy carbon?

Glassy carbon , also called vitreous carbon, is a non-graphitizing carbon which combines glassy and ceramic properties with those of graphite. The most important proper...

Posted at: 2012-02-23

Some knowledge of the biological

In case you had went to Biology4Kids you could possibly recognize your topics on this section. We felt it turned out more appropriate to own biochemistry segment here...

Posted at: 2012-02-21