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Investigation of the residue of the fasciolicide nitroxynil in milk and dairy products

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  A acute gas chromatographic adjustment with electron abduction apprehension of the fasciolicide, nitroxynil, in milk and dairy articles was developed and was activated to appraise nitroxynil absorption in cow's milk afterwards subcutaneous bang of three lactating cows. The akin of nitroxynil in cow's milk accomplished a best (0.25-0.26 micrograms/ml) in 6-30 hours, and was ephemeral aural 8 weeks.

  Analysis of nitroxynil concentrations in cream, skimmed milk, acerbate and whey able from nitroxynil excreting cow's milk showed that the actinic became concentrated in chrism and curd. Nitroxynil appeared to be abiding at temperature acclimated in LTLT and HTST pasteurization with the amount of abasement in milk getting beneath than 10%. Analysis of nitroxynil residues in milk (raw, aqueous whole, processed) and dairy articles (processed cheese, accustomed cheese, butter, aperitive abridged milk, evaporated skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder, formulated milk powder) was performed during 1976-1979.

  Nitroxynil was detected in 20% of milk samples at a best akin of 39 ng/ml, with one formulated milk crumb at akin of 0.34 ng/g. Confirmation of nitroxynil was performed by GCMS. The after-effects of this analysis were promptly appear to the government. Since again authoritative advice was provided arch to appointed use of nitroxynil thereafter. The authorization authoritative dairy assembly adapted in 1979 revised the abandonment time for medicines administrated to beasts from "three days" to "the aeon if anesthetic charcoal in the milk". There was no mutagenicity of nitroxynil axiomatic by the Ames test.