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Biotransformation of 1-nitropyrene to 1-aminopyrene and N-formyl-1-aminopyrene by the animal abdominal microbiota

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  The nitropolycyclic ambrosial hydrocarbon 1-nitropyrene (1-NP) is an ecology pollutant, a almighty bacterial and beastly mutagen, and a carcinogen.

  The metabolism of 1-NP by the animal abdominal microbiota was advised application a semicontinuous ability arrangement that simulates the colonic lumen. (/sup 3/H)-1-Nitropyrene was metabolized by the abdominal microbiota to 1-aminopyrene (1-AP) and N-formyl-1-aminopyrene (FAP) as bent by high-performance aqueous chromatography (HPLC) and accumulation spectrometry. Twenty-four hours afterwards the accession of (/sup 3/H)-1-NP, the formylated admixture and 1-AP accounted for 20 and 80% of the absolute metabolism respectively.

  This allotment added to 66% for FAP afterwards 24 h afterward 10 d of abiding acknowledgment to unlabeled 1-NP, suggesting metabolic adjustment to 1-NP by the microbiota. Both 1-Aminopyrene and FAP accept been apparent to be nonmutagenic appear Salmonella typhimurium TA98, which indicates that the abdominal microflora may potentially detoxify 1-NP.