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Properties and uses of Simazine

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  Simazine is an herbicide of the triazine class. The admixture is acclimated to ascendancy broad-leaved weeds and anniversary grasses.

  Simazine may be able in the class from cyanuric chloride crystals and a able band-aid of ethyl amine (at atomic 50 percent by amount in water). The acknowledgment is awful exothermic and is accordingly best agitated out in an ice ablution beneath 10 °C. It is aswell capital to backpack out the amalgam in a anger awning back cyanuric chloride decomposes at top temperatures intohydrogen chloride and hydrogen cyanide, both of which are awful baneful by inhalation.

  Simazine is an fair apparent admixture which is sparingly acrid in water. It is a affiliate of the triazine-derivative herbicides, and was broadly acclimated as a balance nonselective herbicide, but is now banned in European Union states.Like atrazine, a accompanying triazine herbicide, it acts by inhibiting photosynthesis. It charcoal alive in the clay for 2-7 months afterwards application.