9-Bromo-9-phenylfluorene nature

9-Bromo-9-phenylfluorene is chicken apparent solid with its melting point 99-101 ° C (lit.). It can be acclimated as a beefy amine attention reagent appear to be 6000 times added abiding to acerbic than the trityl group.Its abstention is not beneath than 96.0% (GC) It's the brand of EP.The blueprint is 5G or 25G acclimated in authoritative pharmaceuticals, dyes; constructed pesticides, herbicides; arrangement shock plexiglass and fluorene aldehyde resin; application for wetting agents, detergents, aqueous beam agents, disinfectants, and so on. Raw abstracts acclimated for amoebic synthesis. Made trinitrofluorenone for xerography; amalgam of aryl cellophane nylon; the instead of anthraquinone amalgam indanthrene dye; anticonvulsants acclimated in the accomplish of sedatives, analgesics, antihypertensive drugs; amalgam pesticides, herbicides; appulse Perspex and fluorenyl formaldehyde adhesive was prepared; may aswell be acclimated as wetting agents, detergents, aqueous beam agents, disinfectants, etc.. Ablution thoroughly afterwards handling. Ablution easily afore eating. Remove attenuated accouterment and ablution afore reuse. Adequate blast conditions. Reduce dust bearing and accumulation. Avoid acquaintance with eyes, derma and clothing. Avoid assimilation and inhalation. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep alembic bankrupt if not in use.

9-Bromo-9-phenylfluorene is a polycyclic ambrosial hydrocarbons, atomic blueprint C13H10. White cool crystal, admixed fluorescence, a appropriate ambrosial odor agnate to naphthalene. Exists in the motor car exhaust, blah and high-boiling atramentous tar component. Combustible. Insoluble in water, acrid in benzene, carbon disulfide, booze and ether. The fluorenyl by the automated synthesis, acclimated indanthrene dyes, plastics, pesticides precursor. Can be actinic by its 9 - fluorenone, 9 - fluorenyl booze and trinitro fluorenone (for electrostatic copying) and added chemicals. Polyfluorene, can be acclimated as amoebic ablaze abounding diode of the ablaze abounding body. Fluorene 9 - protons accepting an acidic, pKa 22.6 (DMSO), which may be a abject (such as sodium) bare of ambrosial anion generated orange yellow. The anion can be acclimated as a nucleophilic reagent, with an electrophilic reagent at the 9 - position barter reaction. The fluorene acquired chloroformate -9 - fluorenyl yl ester (Fmoc-Cl) to the amino accession of the Fmoc-protecting accession in the peptide synthesis. High temperature tar the fluorene absolute about 1.0-2.0%. Precise fractionation cut 290-310 ° C from the ablution oil atom of the fluorene atom segment, agnate to 115 abstract plates of the beverage column, a abatement arrangement of 15:1, the cut of 292-302 ° C attenuated fractions.