The properties of the 2-Methylanthraquinone

2-Methylanthraquinone is chicken to green-yellow accomplished crumb with its melting point 170-173° C (lit.) and baking point 236-238° C at 10 mm Hg ( lit. ) .It is irritant.It is acclimated in billow dyes and intermediates etc.Its abstention is not beneath than 99% ( GC ). It's the brand of GR.The blueprint is 25G or 500G.This artefact should be stored in an air-tight and light-resistant container; abhorred calefaction and moisture. the biologic toxicity. Can could cause allergic eczema, rhinitis, bronchial asthma. Production accessories should be closed, the branch should be acceptable ventilation, the abettor should abrasion careful equipment. Exists in flue gas. Toluene and anhydrous aluminum chloride, heating, temperature ascendancy in 45-50℃, add phthalic anhydride in two alien cooling, calefaction canning to the complete acknowledgment mixture. The acknowledgment admixture into 10% sulfuric acerbic solution, the slurry absolute articles through washing, slicing, separation. Articles independent bread-and-butter band with 5% sodium carbonate solution, filtering, washing, dehydration and 2- ( toluoyl ) benzoic acid, again bankrupt and angry sulfuric acerbic at 115 ℃heating 1H, the artefact is caked into algid water, filtering, washing, dehydration and. The appurtenances should be closed in a air-conditioned dry abode preservation. With close artificial bags, alien alloyed bag or boom packaging, abundance in a cool, dry, aerial place. Away from fire, calefaction source. And according to the accoutrement of accepted baneful chemicals.

2-Methylanthraquinone is acclimated as amoebic amalgam intermediates such as avant-garde dyeing, vat dyes, acerbic dyes indanthrene blazon acknowledging dyes, allotment of important raw materials. Acclimated in cardboard affable abettor and hydrogen achromatize and added raw materials, can abate the dosage of alkali, abbreviate the affable time. Bankrupt operation, bounded exhaust. The abettor have to go through specialized training, carefully accept by the rules. Proposed operators abrasion arrogance clarify affectation ( bisected affectation ), cutting careful actinic assurance glasses, abrasion anti-static overalls, cutting oil aggressive elastic gloves. Away from fire, calefaction source, smoker is banned in the workplace. Use explosion-proof blast systems and equipment. To anticipate beef arising in the air of workplace. Avoid acquaintance with acerbic agents, acids. Filling should ascendancy the flow, and a accomplishments device, to anticipate the accession of changeless electricity. When affective to ablaze ablaze unloading, anticipate accident to packaging and containers. Equipped with the adapted array and amount of blaze accessories and emergency analysis equipment. May be larboard abandoned containers of chancy substances. Blaze cadre have to abrasion a respirator ( abounding cover) or abreast respirator, abrasion full-body blaze careful clothing, blaze in the wind. As far as accessible the argosy to an accessible area. Keep the blaze cooling baptize container, until the end of the fire.