The use of phenylthiohydantoin-tyrosine

Phenylthiohydantoin-tyrosine melting point is C.Its abstention is not 221less than 98% ( LC ) .It’s the brand of GR.The blueprint is 100MG or 1G.This artefact should be stored at -20 C. by protein absolute actual ( waste, casein and blah ) in baptize band-aid extraction; glucose as raw material, afterwards a abbreviate bacillus of l- tyrosine the assembly of cooler induced and phenol, pyruvate,; ammonia as raw material, using - tyrosinase catalytic synthesis. Tyrosine is catalyzed by tyrosinase monophenolase function, is eventually formed the capital raw actual eumelanin and pheomelanin. In whitening cosmetics analysis and development, through the tyrosinase structural analogues of amalgam and tyrosine antagonism can finer arrest the accumulation of melanin. Eat aliment absolute tyrosine vitiligo patients can advance the accumulation of melanin, abate the affection of vitiligo. Medicine for hyperthyroidism; aliment additives. Is a biochemical reagent, is the capital raw actual for the amalgam of peptide hormones, antibiotics, L- DOPA drugs. Widely acclimated in agronomical science research, aswell as a cooler accretion and alertness of bogus insect feed.

Phenylthiohydantoin-tyrosine accepted dosage is about 1 to 2 grams per day. As an antidepressant, yield 500 to 1000 mg, two to three times a day. Because tyrosine and activate the antidepressant aftereffect of tryptophan, morning and cafeteria with demography 1000 to 1500 milligrams of acerbic ( tryptophan abstracted ) again in the black it to abate abasement can accept a actual acceptable effect. The advisers begin that, for some people, tryptophan and tyrosine are acclimated together, than the tyrosine or tryptophan alone, to allay affection of depression, the aftereffect is better. Alertness : yield no ice acerb acerbic ( according to the baptize agreeable calculation, anniversary 1g of baptize and acerb anhydride 5.22mL ) 750mL, the accession of perchloric acerbic ( 70~72% ) 8.5mL, shake, cooling, abacus anhydrous acerb acerbic bulk to 1000mL, shake, placed for 24 hours. If the sample is simple to acetylation, shall be bent by the aqueous baptize agreeable assurance of moisture, baptize and acerb anhydride acclimatize to the aqueous baptize agreeable for 0.01%~0.2%. The appurtenances should be ablaze assimilation arrangement constant with the map control.