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Bilirubin Chemistry

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  Bilirubin consists of an accessible alternation of four pyrrole-like rings (tetrapyrrole). In heme, these four rings are affiliated into a beyond ring, alleged a porphyrin ring.

  Bilirubin is actual agnate to the colorant phycobilin acclimated by assertive algae to abduction ablaze energy, and to the colorant phytochromeused by plants to faculty light. All of these accommodate an accessible alternation of four pyrrolic rings.

  Like these added pigments, some of the double-bonds in bilirubin isomerize if apparent to light. This is acclimated in the phototherapyof biased newborns: the E,Z-isomers of bilirubin formed aloft ablaze acknowledgment are added acrid than the blah Z,Z-isomer, as the achievability of intramolecular hydrogen bonding is removed.This allows the elimination of unconjugated bilirubin in bile.