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Detergents Destabilize the Cubic Appearance of Monoolein: Implications for Film Protein Crystallization

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  The cubic appearance provides a lipid bilayer into which the protein apparently reconstitutes and from which protein crystals nucleate and grow. The solutions acclimated to spontaneously anatomy the protein-enriched cubic appearance generally accommodate cogent amounts of detergents that were active initially to absolve and to solubilize the film protein.

  The purpose of this abstraction was to quantify the furnishings that a accepted alternation of nonionic detergents, the n-alkyl-β-d-glucopyranosides, accept on the appearance behavior of hydrated monoolein, the lipid aloft which the in meso adjustment is based. Appearance character and appearance microstructure were characterized by small-angle x-ray diffraction on samples able to actor in meso condensate conditions.

  Measurements were fabricated in the 0–40°C range. Samples able in the cooling administration acquiesce for the announcement of metastability, a affection of aqueous apparent phases that ability be exploited in low-temperature crystallization. The after-effects appearance that the cubic appearance is almost aloof to baby amounts of alkyl glucosides.