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Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of chemical products. We can customize products according to customers’ special requirements...>>Read More

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Chitin Is Endogenously Produced in Vertebrates

Chitin , a biopolymer of N-acetylglucosamine, is abundant in invertebrates and fungi and is an important structural molecule [ 1, 2 ]. There has been a longstanding bel...

Posted at: 2017-06-22

Effects of Kasugamycin on the Translatome of Escherichia coli

It is long known that Kasugamycin inhibits translation of canonical transcripts containing a 5’-UTR with a Shine Dalgarno (SD) motif, but not that of leaderless transc...

Posted at: 2017-06-15

Estimation of Costunolide and Dehydrocostus Lactone in Saussurea lappa

Saussurea lappa is one of the accepted Ayurvedic herb; costunolide and dehydrocostus lactones are acclaimed sesquiterpene lactones independent in abounding plants accli...

Posted at: 2017-05-25

An Assessment of Intra-lesional 3% Polidocanol Solution in the Analysis of Digital Myxoid Cyst

Digital myxoid cysts appear from decline in the affiliation tissue of the chiffre joint, usually the endure collective of the feel or toe, generally due to basal collec...

Posted at: 2017-04-27

Investigation of the residue of the fasciolicide nitroxynil in milk and dairy products

A acute gas chromatographic adjustment with electron abduction apprehension of the fasciolicide, nitroxynil , in milk and dairy articles was developed and was activated...

Posted at: 2017-04-20

Pharmacokinetic alternation of nitroxynil and cefoperazone in goats

The pharmacokinetic aspects of cefoperazone (CEFO) were advised via intravenous (IV), and intramuscular (IM) injections in clinically advantageous goats at a dosage of ...

Posted at: 2017-03-30